Spoke Tales: GT’s race against the weather at Lourdes

Stoked to see the edits coming out of Lourdes from the teams. Documenting their trials and tribulations as important in this day and age as the results themselves it seems. GT’s Spoke Tales series is first off the ranks. Watch as the team makes their way across the world from southern hemisphere and meet again in Lourdes, France for the opening round of the UCI DH World Cup.

We’ll hand it over to GTFR Team Manager Mark Maurissen:

Lourdes is a magical place on our calendar! After Rotorua and Tasmania, for the 3rd time in a row, rain came down hard on race day for the team.

Brook enjoyed the true DH conditions Lourdes had to offer! Not scared to let it rip, he finished in 10th, only 3 seconds off of Vergier, who qualified fastest. His confidence grew over the week but rain decided differently … Brook’s final run took place in the pouring rain, creating sketchy and rough conditions, and he took the 63rd spot.

This was Jackson’s first race with the elites. He qualified in a great 46th place. He had a dry run in finals and finished in a 32nd spot. Well done!

Sambo had some unfinished business with Lourdes. He came off hard last year. He worked his way through the week with a solid start of the season; 44th in quails and 41st in the finals.

Wyn faced a flat tire in the qualifying round. Schwalbe ProCore saved his day keeping some air in the tire and more importantly keeping the tire on the rim! Being a non-protected rider, he focused on not making any mistakes and making it in the top 80 for the main event on Sunday! A couple of little mistakes on Sunday put him back a little bit finishing in 37th.