Remy Morton’s summer was possibly better than ours. Onboard his fleet of new Commencal Bikes, he hit up the likes of Crankworx Rotorua and by the looks rode most of the north and south islands. His new bike sponsor figured a week filming would be a good thing and hooked up for a lil trip from their Christchurch based office which included CCs epic Adventure Park, Wanaka and of course Skyline Queenstown, ending up on the pristine trail that is Rude Rock.

While Remy is known for his DH and hardtail skills, his new Clash trail bike was a standout for him.

“The Clash was sick! There’s not many enduro style bikes I can hop on stock out of a box and feel that comfortable on. To me it basically just felt like my furious except lighter, easier to move around and pedal.. Which I think for the Christchurch bike park it made for the perfect bike. It really surprised me how stiff it was. I haven’t ridden an alloy trail bike in a few years now and it was so noticeable. In a good way. It just felt really solid and so predictable coming into corners and in the air. Really stoked on it! Can’t wait to have my own to ride all the time”.

One damn fine edit with a damn good dude, that has, well, some damn fine skills! Here’s to hoping Commencal drop a 22inch TT BMX for Remy soon!