Remy Morton making shapes on and with dirt....

xGames Real MTB // Remy Morton for the win!

Five riders, five filmers, voted on by a panel of industry judges and the public. Of course, we are more than stoked to finally see an Australian entrant. Namely; Remy Morton.

Remy and Scott Robb are sending it against Kade Edwards, Matt MacDuff, Dylan Stark and Tom van Steenbergen so get your vote in! You can vote once per day for the next week, culminating with a RealMTB live show during X Games Ventura.

Get your vote on here.

Gotta say, Remys riding and building is stepping up every day. Some nuts shapes being built and sent.

For the first time, athletes will be present for a watch-along on X Games’ Twitch and YouTube channels on June 27 where the winner will be announced. The fan favorite will be announced June 30 during the XGames Ventura broadcast. The full X Games Real MTB show will air on July 23.