Riding Rude Rock off Coronet Peak in 360° video

We were lucky enough to escape south for the summer, to New Zealands south island and the epic trails that litter the place with the crew from Haka Tours for an upcoming feature in the next [R] print edition. And while I’m a stickler for print and will sing it’s praises till the day I die, it sure can’t keep up with the digital media that we now take for granted. Case in point, the 360fly 4K camera is an epic piece of kit that I ran for most of the trip mounted to Giro’s new Switchblade and we’re pretty amped on the results. Here’s one of our favourite trails from the trip, Rude (or as it should be known, Cock) Rock, just off Coronet Peak. Yep, it was 5° and windy, but so damn fun! Stay tuned for more 360° content as we pull the feature together. And while we’ve been running the footage in VR goggles, it runs through most browsers (‘cept Safari) on your computer or the YouTube app on your phones, in which case you can either swipe to look around or simply use your phone to look around… Sweet!