[E]xclusive: Sun-up till sun-down, watch Connor Fearon tear it apart on his e-Bike

The quintessential Aussie measure of stamina used to be how many Weet-Bix would you need to eat that morning.

But when it comes to Bosch powered e-Bike rides it’s all about how many bottles of water will you rip through, as the telltale sign of how epic your trail adventure was that day. 1-2 bottles, come on, that practically a morning jaunt, you can do better than that. 3-4 bottles, that’s more like it, now you’re in for a full day of trail adventures!

Top-10 World ranked downhill racer Connor Fearon certainly isn’t afraid to push the envelope all day long. And now thanks to the long battery life and silky-smooth power delivery of the top of the line Bosch Performance CX motor factory-fitted to his Kona Remote CTRL, Connor is able to ride further and explore harder than ever before.

When he heads to the trails on his e-Bike you can be assured it’s going to be at least a 4-5 water bottle epic day.

So, what about you, how much adventure do you have in your tank?

Filmed and edited // Matt Staggs Visuals

Photography // Kane Naaraat

Music // Silent Titan www.silenttitan.bandcamp.com  

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