IN THE ROUGH with Chris Akrigg

Strap in, Monday just got wild with Chris Akriggs latest showcase of what’s possible on a MTB when you’ve got a vision, and a truckload of bike skills. Nah, make that a bottomless bag of bike skills earned over a very long riding career!

With 3 months worth of manicured bike park edits coming our way, it’s refreshing to see real terrain being absolutely ripped on a trail bike. Epic as per usual, and it’s true; he can ride up, down and off anything. Cannot believe his hop to pedal to tire move…

Take some of this genius and apply it to your next trail ride. Forget the narcissistic shit that is Strava and re-imagine your local trails and all that surrounds them, not in a quest to be the fastest, but to really ride everything. Your skills will love you for it.