Behind the scenes of that epic Chris Akrigg edit…

We’re still vibing on Chris Akriggs latest edit ‘As it lies’, easily one of our top 10 edits of 2016 and it’s been played a few times before rides to get psyched to ride more stuff that resides off the usual trail. So it’s pretty cool to get an insight into Chris’s ideas to showcase some terrain he’s ridden in the past, but reimagined and stepped up with the help of BMX edit master Will Evans and musician James Welsh.

By the sounds, so much was first take, but there were some lines he wanted that either frustrated the hell out of him or didn’t make the cut and almost took him out. You can’t say he didn’t work hard on this! With Chris in a sling from messing up his shoulder/rotator cuff, you know he’s taken some bails in the making of this ‘super natural raw’ edit that has made our day/month/year. Here’s to getting better post surgery! Pretty cool to get the lowdown on his bike set up too, nothing special, just dialled. Anyways, watch and learn, get amped and go ride.

If you haven’t seen what where talking about, go watch it now right here.