And then Chris Akrigg redefined freeriding…

While most of us laze around in a post Xmas daze of over indulgence and time to burn, Chris Akrigg drops an edit that is so pure and raw, bringing so many skills to the table that it’s mind blowing to say the least.

A slice of terrain that many of us would gaze at while rolling by, most not seeing anything even remotely rideable, Chris makes this mountain side his playground. From the summit to the valley below, showcasing just how versatile and damn good he is on a bike. Rocks and roots indeed… His vision to see lines is incredible, only surpassed by his ability to make it a reality. No props, no effects, no trails, just raw talent and a raw mountain, plus a banging soundtrack to boot. How can you categorise Chris’s riding? Trials mixed with enduro and some downhill, throw in some BMX and then add more… Redefining what it is to freeride? We think so. This is MTB at it’s finest. One of the best edits of 2016 by a long shot!