Ten years in the making // Graham Agassiz shreds in ‘Decade’

Some people are better than others at spotting potential, and an even fewer number can bring those dreams to life. It takes a brilliant mind to gaze into the future and see what’s coming, and Graham Agassiz can see for miles.

Photos // Mason Mashon   Words // Peter Matthews

Graham grew up in Kamloops, British Columbia, a hub of freeride mountain biking. The surrounding landscapes have inspired riders’ minds for generations, manipulating their minds to recognize the potential in the natural terrain.

A decade ago, Graham first noticed the chute out of his truck window while on his way elsewhere. At this point, his skills on a bike had given him a professional athlete career and taken him around the globe travelling all over competing, filming, and exploring new terrain – all of which were well within the pocket of his comfort zone. He was at the forefront of a new guard of competition, equipped with both slopestyle and big mountain skillsets and although his job called him to the contests and exotic film shoots, the backcountry lines of B.C. called to his soul.

When trying to make sense of his own aspirations, Graham’s often found himself inspired by his friend and mentor, Mason Mashon. Mason’s a few years older than Graham, and over the years has helped him to realize and understand the idea challenging the impossible. So, when Graham spotted the chute from the highway that day 10 years ago, he brought the idea of riding it to Mason who he knew could help bring the idea to life.

Four years after first putting tools to the line, the time was finally right to head back into the chute.  With Rampage out of the picture, Graham was free to dedicate his mind and immerse himself in the project. With a basecamp established, the gang once again came together to move thousands of pounds of shale, logs, rocks, and dirt. Swapping old stories while simultaneously creating new ones, everyone knew they were in the right place despite the discomfort.

10 years raged by in one minute and nine seconds. Fear, anticipation, and satisfaction came together in one wild ride. Every win deserves a victory lap, so Graham opted for a second lap down the chute to add in the flair he’s become so well-known for. When he first spotted the line, he knew it was where he wanted to be, even if it didn’t make sense in the moment. That belief and self-confidence is what’s carried him through the years, through his career, and down this chute.

After Graham’s final lap, the crew met at the bottom to celebrate. Everyone had seen what he’d accomplished, and after working independently to capture the moment, the camaraderie was electric. By chance, two old friends happened to be driving the road to catch the action firsthand, and for something that had been kept secret so long, there were no two better pals to witness the. This further fueled the flames of victory and as the chapter of the chute came to a closed, Graham’s mind was stirring with his next big adventure, becoming a father.