Watch ECLECTIC with Thomas Genon

‘Eclectic’ is the latest project from Thomas Genon, filmed on 2 continents and showcasing his unique style and progressive riding across DH, Trail Riding and Dirt Jump.

Strap in for 4 minutes of heavy hitting riding, showcasing Thomas Genon as the rider he truly is. From trail bikes to DH and Dirt Jumping his style and approach to riding needs no gimmicks or storyline, this is riding in its purist form and for all the right reasons.

Thomas has always been inspired by other sports, having ridden BMX from a young age he was not only inspired by classic MTB videos. His riding has been well documented from his 2012 Red Bull Joyride win to top 5 finishes at Red Bull Rampage. With ‘Eclectic’ however, Thomas wanted to step back from competition and produce a film that really represented his approach to everyday riding, taking inspiration from other sports.

“I wanted the opportunity to film away from competition and showcase the riding that I love, the type of riding I do every day, this is what gets me excited for Mountain Biking”. Thomas Genon

Thomas met BMXer and filmer Christian Rigal in 2018 during Whistler Crankworx and the two were quick to begin discussions for a future video project. Rigal, known primarily for his street riding and video segments, turned his head to film making in recent years alongside his new-found passion for MTB.

“Filming and riding have always gone hand in hand for me, so I try to look at everything I shoot as both a rider and a filmer. Although this isn’t BMX and I’m still quite new to filming and riding MTB’s, this project with Thomas was the perfect opportunity to mix our talents together to see what we could come up with. We’re stoked on the end result and hopefully it gets people motivated to go out and ride their bike!”
Christian Rigal.