Find what you love and let it kill you!

As we roll into what’s looking to be one crazy hot summer, the northern hemisphere seems to be dropping epic edits with all the footage they collected over their summer. This collection of epic clips aka ‘No Bad Days’ brings to life the more Abstract vibes that riding brings alongside some seriously talented crew. Riding at its core is about creativity, allowing us to express ourselves in abstract ways; art, music and web edits are the same.
“Find what you love and let it kill you!”
Charles Burkowski.
Incase you’re wondering just who graces the green throughout this trip, try Calvin Huth, Nick Tingren, Daniel Fleury, Dillon Butcher, Liam Wallace, Diego Caverzasi, Darren Berrecloth, Ryan Forsythe, Owen Marks, Logan Peat, Ryan Howard, Brandon Semenuk, Matt Dennis, Emil Johannson, Brett Reeder, Matt Jones and Thomas Genon.