The Escape Artist aka Thomas Vanderham

If there’s one rider that has stood the test of time, staying relevant to multiple generations of riders, it’s got to be Thomas Vanderham.

Style, speed and the ability to find lines and flow where many struggle to simply stay onboard, it’s all the result of a very long time on two-wheels. His moment of clarity came when he was 10 years old. After witnessing a neighbourhood kid doing wheelies in an alley, Vanderham set out to master the technique himself. His first attempt was short lived, but for a brief moment he felt that perfect balance point. And that feeling, the one that fluttered through him during that first wheelie attempt, is one he has continued to chase his entire life. We all seek the feeling that 10-year-old Thomas had. When we find it, we want to milk it and are constantly trying to re-create it. We search for it on the weekends and in our free time. We daydream about it and occasionally—perhaps while waiting for a train to cross—we’ll even slip back into that feeling again, even if only for a moment. It calls to us, driving us to push through pain and fear. It frees us from the rut of routine life, which is exactly what our bodies and minds crave. After all, we’re all just looking for an escape…

One damn fine edit thanks to the crew at FreeHub Magazine.