Watch // IT IS WHAT IT IS // Follow Vali Höll through the 2024 DH season

While we’re a lil late to the party, we’re damn impressed with Vali Hölls web series “IT IS WHAT IT IS”.

Episode two ‘Ups and Downs’ is an epic insight into a rider that is making her presence felt on the DH circuit in so many ways.

In this episode, we kick off the World Cup season. With a new team and bike, I was more nervous than ever, unsure of my standing. Fortunately, I have the best crew supporting me. Gregg Coombes, our soft tissue therapist and my go-to for keeping morale high, always knows what’s up. As he says, “All athletes are fast; it’s about managing the process to be fast by the end of the weekend.” Gregg has watched me grow from an introvert to a more open individual, though I still have much to learn. My training buddy and friend, Lisa Baumann, is on a similar journey. We spend a lot of time pushing each other and hanging out between races. We ride together at the World Cups and experiment with different lines. Without her, I wouldn’t push myself as hard early on in the weekend. Enjoy watching Episode 2, and let us know what you think!

Vali Höll

Vali sending it at Snowshoe