Kriss Kyle performs during Through The Grapevines in Lavaux, Switzerland on September 30, 2023. // Jan Cadosch / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202405311006 // Usage for editorial use only //

Kriss Kyle Ride Through Switzerland’s Iconic Lavaux Vineyards

BMX come MTB legend Kriss Kyle embarked on a journey through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lavaux, riding amongst its famous vineyards.

Kyle’s trail through Lavaux is nothing short of spectacular, integrating castle walls, dirt jumps, wall rides, rails, and even a passing express train. One of the highlights was an open loop performed in the narrow alley of Saint-Saphorin, a testament to Kyle’s skill and the meticulous planning that went into the project.

The creation process involved extensive consultations with local authorities and landowners, with a dedicated construction crew working 12-hour days for two weeks to bring Kyle’s vision to life. The culmination of this effort is this 4-minute film that captures the rawness of BMX, the versatility of MTB and the serene beauty of Lavaux.

I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to bike in this special UNESCO World Heritage site, all thanks to the generous local winemakers. The beauty of Lavaux is conserved so well, and I am happy to see that everybody is keeping it that way.”

Kriss Kyle