Danny MacAskill x Kriss Kyle go to work in ‘This and That’

Pulling these two Scottish shredders together in the one edit was always going to get wild…. From the woods and some epic slabs to the streets of Blackpool, both riders send all sorta wheel sizes across, over and off an even wider variety of terrain. Definitely gets the head thinking about my local terrain in a new way….

We’ve seen you and Kriss riding together a lot in the last years but this is the first bigger edit you teamed up for. How did you come up with the idea?

Danny: Last September I had originally planned to produce a bigger project involving Kriss and another two riders from abroad. But of course as most thing in 2020 those plans fell through because my other two friends weren’t able to travel. So instead we thought we’d change our plans and still go ahead and try do a little bit of filming. This time involving our mutual partner Endura which is a Scottish brand that supports us with helmets and protection pads. I wanted to make a video with Kriss: for a number of years now as I think his riding is extremely creative. He is definitely one of the top riders in the BMX community. He has also moved on to the mountain bike in the recent years doing a few really cool films which show of his different style coming from the BMX.

How did you guys come up with the idea of having two separate parts – MTB and street? 

Kriss: I guess we just wanted to do something fun and a bit different. We both absolutely love riding all types of bikes so we might as well have as much fun as possible and film on the two different bikes. I absolutely loved it as it was the first proper trip I had been on since lockdown and twice the amount of fun.

What’s Endura’s role in the whole project?

Danny: Endura recently launched their new helmet – the Pisspot, which is focused on sort of anything Trials, BMX and skatepark related.  We wanted to celebrate its launch with this new video. They have also been keeping us safe with their MT500 helmet which we used for mountain biking and of course their range of knee pads.

How is Kriss’s riding inspiring you?

Danny: His riding has really inspired me over the last years. He is always doing really creative moves. Especially the wallrides to flair and the spin variations he does on the BMX. It’s something I would love to try to replicate in some of my riding.

How is Danny’s riding inspiring you? 

Kriss: Danny has been a massive inspiration to me for years. The way he looks at spots is insane. He’s a creative genius and inspires me to think more outside the box of what’s actually possible on a bike. I love working with Danny as he brings the best out of you.

What’s the craziest trick the other one does, you can’t get over and can’t imagine doing yourself?

Danny: On the BMX in Blackpool Kriss did a wallride to flair off this slightly slope bank using his bag with a metal sign on top of it as a ramp. That trick blows my mind and is definitely one of Kriss’s signature moves. On the mountain bike one of the hardest things that Kriss does is what you call a 90 degree pocket wallride to wallride to 180. Kriss had a real battle with this trick as the mountain bike really doesn’t like to roll backwards so his gears kept on skipping when he was landing. It was really impressive to watch him doing that.

Kriss: Haha there is so many, it’s hard to just name one. I just can’t get over how he can ride along absolutely anything you put in front of him. When he rode along the chain on the sea front, it absolutely blew my mind to bits, I could never imagine even trying that.

Are we gonna see more projects of the two of you in the future?

Danny: Yes, for sure, Kriss and I have always been good friends but I think in recent years we have become a lot tighter and I would love to do way more projects with Kriss in the future.

Kriss: I’d be hyped to keep this going for sure. I’ve always wanted to do something with him and we had such a blast filming this video. So there’s to many more to come.