Kriss Kyle performs on location for his debut MTB film "Out Of Season" in Meiford, Wales, United Kingdom on November 15, 2020. // Samantha Dugon / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202104020958 // Usage for editorial use only //

Kriss Kyle brings BMX creativity to the trails in Out of Season

“Out of Season” is a time when one pauses whatever they are doing to take a break, recover and chill , but some never stop. They switch it up, letting their creativity run even wilder than usual, aiming for the unexpected.

Being one of those people, Kriss Kyle decided to leave his BMX in Unit 23, packed his enduro rig and travelled to Wales, where he teamed up with Matty Lambert and the dig crew from Revolution Bike Park to create one of MTB’s most creative edits to date.

With a vision for the new, they turned a tiny bit of Welsh forest into a MTB paradise that’s so creative, even Danny MacAskill couldn’t resist to pay a visit….