WILD WEST 2 // Tom Van Steenbergen

Tom Van Steenbergen lays It all on the line with ‘Wild West 2’ – a triumphant return from his award-winning debut edit in the series.

In September 2020 Tom Van Steenbergen took the internet by storm with his mind melting production Wild West, directed by Calvin Huth. 1 year on from his award winning edit, Tom returns with Wild West 2, once again pushing the limits of what is physically possible on a mountain bike.

It’s so rad to be able to do another Wild West video. Calvin and Dan absolutely killed it. Seeing how much everyone improved their skills over the last year is sick. I can proudly say that this is the most technical and best riding I’ve ever done for a video, which was a big challenge after coming back from a femur break. I’m so pumped to finally share this one.

– Tom Van Steenbergen