Brandon Semenuck steps it up. Again.

If there’s one dude that has been pushing the progression of riding further than anyone over the last few years, it has to be Brandon Semenuck. Pure talent on two wheels, and seemingly forever. Shooting and traveling with him a few years ago left no doubt in my mind that he had more skills than possibly half the population of the MTB community at large. Plus a vision for where he can take his riding. On big mountains, slope style setups and even his own backyard. Add into the mix one seriously talented lensman/editor in  Rupert Walker and you have Revel Co. This be their latest production, and like everything that has preceded it, it steps up in so many ways. So many bangers go down (half cab whip180’s off decks?). So many killer shots are clipped. So many art meets riding elements make this one edit you need to watch. A few times. And then some. Some of us have talent. Some of us watch. Alan Watts even makes his presence felt. Man, if Brandon awakens his mind even more, I don’t know that we’ll cope with what he thinks is possible!