Can a Pro Mountain Biker pass 6 riders on their local trail? Richie Rude can…

Man, this is good. Real riders versus the pro!

One of this generation fastest riders on any terrain, Richie Rude rides for the BC based One UpComponents. And putting two and two together,  we guess over a lazy Friday arvo beer, they figured why not challenge him to a race down one of their local trails.

Starting at the back of the pack, the OneUp crew wanted to see if Richie could pass and beat the entire office (6 riders) down one of their favourite local trails, namely Angry Midget. Which if you’ve had the pleasure of shredding Squamtons finest, then you’ll know it’s a fast narrow single track trail with almost no good passing spots! Bonus is that Dennis Beare is in the mix, who’s fast to say the least, and holds Richie off until almost the end. Both Dennis and his bro Jesse being two of the gnarliest riders to come from our shores.

Trail Stats: Angry Midget

King of the Mountain Time: 2:28

Length: 1.12 Km

Vert: 209m