Cody Kelley shredding his Turbo Levo SL!

If you’ve ever had the chance to see Cody ride a bike in the flesh, you know just how good this edit will be. Be it an enduro bike, downhill sled, or in this case an eBike, you’re in for a treat.

Throwing an engine and battery like it was nothing may be thanks to Specializeds’ epicly light Turbo Levo SL? It may be due to his unnatural abilities on two wheels? We’ll let him do the talking…

“This might just be my favourite bike these days! I was honestly hooked from the very first descent on just how capable the bike is! It flicks around corner’s, changes directions, jumps, and manoeuvre’s so similar to the “classic bikes” we’ve all ridden and loved for years now, that you forget you’re on a turbo assisted bike. Then you turn to go back up the hill and it gives you that little extra pep that lets you go for longer rides and or (my personal favourite), gets you into new zones you may have not have been to explore otherwise… Basically, it’s a big task to finish a ride on this thing without a smile on your face…”

Cody Kelley