Connor Fearon and Graham Agassiz introduce the new Kona Operator

Spoiler alert: this is f’n wild! So, here’s the deal. Kona’s longtime DH platform the Operator is a versatile rig. It resides under the likes of our own Connor Fearon on World Cup podium duty. And makes itself known around the globe at the likes of the Fest Series and any big mountain booter Graham Agassiz can find… If there’s a more versatile big travel rig, we’d like you to let us know! Just in case you do shoot us a good argument, we present this little piece from Kona featuring both aforementioned riders aboard the new 2017 27.5 Operator as evidence….


Note the massive shredding both these rulers put the new 27.5 Operator through, ensuring it’s ready for all you can throw at it. Pretty stoked to see Connor taking on the world. And to see Aggy keeping up with the shredder from South Aus!

(c) Tim Bardsley-Smith
Connor and Josh Button aboard the 27.5 Kona Operator in Cairns earlier this year. Photo // Tim Bardsley-Smith

The 27.5 Operator sees a number of changes which continue the evolution of their long travel platform. To retain the snappy and lively feel Kona put a 423mm chain stay on all sizes, increased the reach across the board, and combined this with a 63º head angle. The Beamer suspension design has been updated with a more progressive leverage curve for increased bottom out resistance and a raised main pivot for improved pedaling performance. With bearings in all suspension pivots, and now in the upper shock mount as well, the new Operator will probably outlast the majority of DH rigs on the market right now, much like many of Kona’s DH rigs before this.