[E]volution ‘The Annual’ launch issue has landed!

We finally did it, dropping our first 100% e-Bike mag! Inside this big, thick high-quality publication you’ll discover page upon page of stunning imagery and in-depth feature articles and guides which make it the Australia’s ultimate e-MTB resource for 2023.

On the front cover is of course the epic style of Jack Moir and inside he tells all about why he’s such a fan of e-Bikes and he also shares tips on how he sets his bike up. You’ll discover a huge collection of articles with expert advice about how to get the most performance out of your e-Bike, DIY set-up guides, what you should carry/pack when you’re heading out for short or long rides, how to best ‘tune’ and maintain your bike all year round, and so much more.

There are so many e-Bikes on the market it can get a little confusing which bike might be ideal for you and so we’ve put together 4 extensive buyers guide features showcasing 2023’s best ‘ultimate e-MTBs’, ‘hardtail e-MTBs’, ‘SL lightweight mid powered e-MTBs’ and ‘entry level e-MTBs’.

In the pages you’ll also find detailed ‘master classes’ with tips about how to take your riding skills to the next level with confidence.  You’ll also learn about how modern e-Bikes are designed and developed all the way through to production. We’ll also take you behind the scenes of how a factory pro rider makes it through a gruelling EWS-e race weekend. Our editorial team have also showcased some epic bike and gear reviews in this mag. All that plus loads more content awaits you inside Issue 1 of ‘[E]volution The Annual’ on sale right now at newsagents, better bike stores or better yet, right here!

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