Photos // Dominic Hook

First Look: Liv Intrigue E+ 2 Pro

From the brand that is more committed to women’s riding that any other, Liv’s new e-Trail bike range looks super impressive to say the least. Featured here is the awesome new Intrigue E+ 2 Pro model which has been designed to conquer all types of trails and terrain. Yep, it’s the most aggressive e-bike that Liv currently make and perhaps unsurprisingly is based on the non-motorised, super popular, Intrigue model.

At the heart of the bike you will find a powerful Yamaha SyncDrive Pro motor, with a fully integrated battery (500Wh capacity) and a handlebar-mounted RideControl ONE button system.  The SyncDrive Pro motor provides assistance up to the Aussie capped speed of 25kmph. When you pass that speed the motor cuts out and you’re essentially pedalling along with your own leg power. The motor features five modes and offers 80Nm of torque and support up to 360% of the rider’s effort.

The system uses the brand’s own Pedal Plus technology, which is the use of four sensors (speed, torque and motor and pedal rotation) to measures pedal inputs from the rider and delivers the appropriate power assistance in return depending on the mode selected. It gives assistance in the ranges from 100% of your input in Eco up to 360% in Power mode. The motor also features a walk-assist mode and on this bike a more natural feeling, narrower Q factor (168mm) than the Sport motor used on the Embolden E+.

The battery charges from flat to full in just 3 hours and 40 minutes – which is one of, if not THE fastest charging times of any e-MTB currently available.

The Liv Intrigue E+ 2 is available in 3 sizes; X-Small, Small and Medium. It features a full Alloy frame with 140mm of  ‘Maestro’ rear suspension. This is paired with a 150mm fork up front. Shock wise at the rear, the bike utilises a Fox Float Performance unit which delivers its travel using a stiff Trunnion mount and shock is also custom tuned for lighter female riders. Finally, the bike comes rolling with plus-size compatible Boost 27.5×2.6″ wheels which will give the bike plenty of added grip and support to handle all that extra speed and all those extra Km’s of trail that you’ll be able to explore now that you’re on an e-Bike!

Of course, Liv have designed the geometry of the bike with women in mind, giving them the fit that they believe is best for the female shape using their 3F philosophy – fit, form and function. Liv say that women have shorter torso’s than the equivalent height man and in the case of a size Medium Intrigue E+ this relates to a reach length of 431mm, a seat tube length of 444mm and a wheelbase of 1201mm of my medium bike. Liv have positioned this bike as the most aggressive trail e-bike they produce at the moment and have given it a head angle of 66.5° and an effective seat tube angle of 74.5°.

Best of all ladies, the Liv Intrigue E+ 2 retails in Australia at just $5999 which is several thousand dollars more affordable than a lot of other e-trail bikes from other brands.

For more information about the Liv Intrigue E+ 2, or to find your closest Liv dealer so that you can go check one out in the flesh, head to Liv’s website: