German’s premium brand, Focus Bikes, have just unveiled their latest 27.5” trail bike called ‘Jam’. Focus developed and patented an entirely new suspension design for this bike. Dubbed the Focus Optimized Linkage Design (F.O.L.D.), the new rig delivers 140mm of bump-hungry travel. The system’s travel is divided in two phases. Within the first phase of travel, the system works digressively for super sensitivity, thereby eliminating micro-bumps and generating immense grip. The second phase of the travel offers fine tuned progression for both plushness and feedback while still ensuring enough bottom-out resistance. Here at [R]evolution we are already massive fans of Focus’s current trail bike line-up (consisting of the 160mm travel ‘Sam’ and 120mm travel ‘Spine’) and from what we’ve heard, this new bike raises the performance bar even higher. We can’t wait to get our hands on some Jam when the bikes land in Australia this summer!