Graeme Mudd: Home is where the heart is

If ‘Home is where the heart is’ is anything worth going by, Muddy’s year ahead riding bikes should be extraordinary.

After representing the Newcastle based company for his entire MTB career he has now signed exclusively with Lusty Industries for 2018. Here’s whats in store in his words.

“For the last few years while attacking the UCI World Cup circuit, first as a privateer then in 2017 on a factory team, I would always be so results based, that if I wasn’t satisfied with my position on the leader board, I was generally not happy. This is a rut hard to become unstuck from. This year I decided to wing it and just see where things went. While working full time, far from any type of bicycle, just going with the flow, a conversation started with good friend and owner of Lusty Industries Johnny Mclean. We could both identify what needed to change in how I went about my racing. Sharing similar values and passions on and off the bike it was a natural process as we scoped out what we would do for the year ahead.”

“I am obsessed with progression and the best way to gauge that on a bike I think is to race, so doing this was inevitable.”

“I drew up a race calendar that worked in a range of different events that I enjoy, plus a bunch of new races and locations to explore. There is the two Euro Crankworx events, Mont Sainte Anne World Cup, USA National Championships and Whistler Crankworx as my main events, with a few enduro’s and specialty DH races in the mix. I will be based in Quebec for the northern race season so feel free to reach out if you have some rad trails to ride.”

“I’m not sure if ‘winging it’ is really the right words to use but it really feels like it’s what I’m doing this year. It’s about letting things happen and finding the flow. I am so glad to have some of the most bad arse brands behind me on this journey.”

“Cheers MAXXISSanta CruzFOX suspensionShimanoODISDGCrankbrothersTLD and Deity

Catch you all out there for a ride.”