The History of Red Bull Rampage Told by Darren Berrecloth

So stoked to see this edit drop. Rampage and it’s evolution is in so many ways, is due to this dude. A rider that crossed over from a promising BMX career to the highs and lows of MTB freeride. Turn back time to Rampage II and a much younger me was trekking from a Vans Triple Crown BMX comp in Cali where I’d ridden and hung with a seriously cool shredder from Canada named Darren Berrecloth to the big mountain event that was still in it’s infancy. He made the cut for the triple Crown finals and while didn’t place, was in the mix with the biggest names in BMX, Nyqvist, Aitken, Osato, Mirra…. . Upon arrival in Virgin, I run into said Diamond Back hooked up BMX shredder who calls me out for hanging at a MTB event and not being a true BMX’er, taking the piss out me so well. We proceed to climb up the red dirt cliffs talking shit being from such similar background spanning multi wheel sizes. Somewhere in that bro-down, his mate rocks up letting Claw know he’s not going to ride. Basically pussy’ing out of his invited status. Darren figured why not take his place?  A quick talk with the Red Bull cats and it was on. Nevermind he’s never ridden freeride comp. He went on to place that year and his rise and rise within the freeride scene is more than documented. In Red Bull’s words “There are two eras of freeride mountain biking: Pre-Claw and After-Claw — Darren “Bearclaw” Berrecloth simply came into the an already exciting scene and blew the doors wide open.” Darren brought BMX skills to the big mountains, his Vancouver Island home allowing him access to some of the best terrain on the planet. Yep. the rest is history. So stoked to see Darren still killing it. Kick back and take in the goodness. I’m on a mission to scan all the old shots I have of this dude and elaborate on some seriously funny adventures that has been had, stay tuned…..