In the Blink: Episode Two – Creativity with Brett Rheeder

Episode Two of “In the Blink,” Brett Rheeder and the Anthill Films crew bring their ridiculous skills to the terrain near Big Water, Utah.

Utah’s barren, yet colorful landscape, features shapeable dirt and near-endless line choices that allow riders creative freedom seen in few parts of the world. Rheeder had yet to add a Utah film segment to his career resume, so why not up the ante and head there with a crew of six filmers, four diggers, one photographer and an excavator. It was time to put his stamp on the hallowed dirt of Utah, a place where Rheeder found his creative muse, where distractions faded and all focus was on the moment.

Find more insight on this episode of “In the Blink” and an interview with Rheeder HERE.

In the Blink is a six-part web series that dives behind the scenes of Anthill’s upcoming feature film Return to Earth. Stay tuned for Episode 3: Kids, featuring groms of the Whistler Bike Park.