Just like flying: the kids know whats up!

With the holidays in full swing and more than a few new bikes unwrapped from under the xmas tree, this edit is so on point.

Life is simple when you’re a kid. Wake up, meet your friends, ride…. Just Like Flying showcases two young best friends, Gavin Stanton (11 years old) and Brooke Anderson (12 years old), from Portland, Oregon. Gavin and Brooke have been riding bikes together since they were 7 years old, pushing each other to learn, develop and progress every step along the way. Their story is one which many of us can relate to whatever the age. A story of friends who connect through bikes. Friends who argue, fight, make up, laugh, ride again, plan the next trip, dream of adventures, debate which donut is the best, who can jump the highest, which pro rider is the most stylish…. Does this sound like 12 year olds or you and your friends?

It’s true, these kids may put some of us to shame with their skills, and yes, their parents must be legends, but in the end, it’s all riding and above all, don’t take yourself too seriously.