MTB Cinema: The Collective

The Collective dropped back in 2004. At the time it’s 16mm film and scope of riding was mind bending. Stepping away from the New World Disorder come moto vibe that was becoming the norm in MTB films back then, The Collective brought freeriding (and MTB) back to earth, yet showcased it in a new, can we say, artistic light. Maybe it was the riders? Maybe the locations? Maybe the crew shooting and editing and how Jamie Houssian and Darcy Wittenburg assembled The Collective by location, rather than by rider segment? We’re pretty sure it was the combination of all of the above. Some 12 years down the track, it still holds its own, it’s worth a watch, if only to see the progression that has happened since.  Kick back, turn it up and enjoy this piece of MTB cinematic brilliance.