Julia Hoffman riding in Sexten, Dolomites, Italy.

Rocky Mountain add even more fire e-power for 2020

When it was first launched the Instinct Powerplay was a game-changer in the world of e-Bike designs. It was one of the first bikes to successfully hide the battery in the down tube, the only bike to use a separate BB, and the only bike to use a motor separate from the cranks. 

These features allowed Rocky Mountain to place pivots where they need to in order to maintain their distinct ride feel. The BIGGEST difference about the new bike is that it’s now made of our favourite black material… Carbon!

With 140mm of travel front and rear, a massive 672Wh battery, and Rocky Mountain’s patented Ride 9 geo adjust this bike is ready for backcountry adventures. The Dyname motor has class-leading 108nm of torque available to the rider delivered smoothly thanks to the inline torque sensors. The new carbon frame still uses the motor as a part of the frame structure and thanks to the natural properties of carbon it’s now stiffer.

Thanks to the separated motor from the bottom bracket all parts on the bike are shop serviceable. For those who don’t know, most e-Bike motors are fully enclosed, including the BB bearing. Once they decide to go then it is impossible to service them. Thanks to the design on the Instinct, everything is serviceable at any reasonable shop. It also removes any possible creaking from motor mount interfaces.

The main party trick of the any Rocky Mountain comes down to the Ride Nine system. Ride Nine is a simple 2 chip system that gives the rider 9 different geometry options in the one bike. Using the chips give you a head angle range of 66 to 67.1 degrees, the seat angle from 74.7 to 75.7, and the reach a huge 11mm from 432-443 (Size Med). Unlike other configurations, the Ride Nine system really makes a big difference with the ride feel of the instinct.

Julia Hoffman riding in Sexten, Dolomites, Italy.

The top-spec Instinct Powerplay 90’s spec really matches the underlying use for this bike. A bike that is designed to go far, out the back of a mountain, and is really ready for anything whilst remaining lively. The Pike and Deluxe suspension package is light yet more capable than people usually credit. X01 Eagle takes care of the go while, Code RSC’s take care of the slow. All the controls are attached to RaceFace Next bars, RaceFace ARC Rims are laced to DT Swiss Hybrid 350’s, and wrapped in sweet, sweet, Maxxis + rubber.

All those parts mounted to a sweet fresh carbon front triangle? Where do I sign up?

“This is finally one of the bikes that truly embrace the essence of trail riding. Big battery, fun adjustable geometry, and dripping in some amazing parts. I couldn’t think of anything better than sitting on this bike and trying to run out the battery as fast as possible.”

For more info on the entire 2020 Rocky Mountain line-up head on down to your local Rocky dealer for check ‘em out in the flesh or just jump online to the coolest web address ever invented: bikes.com