Simplicity: Brandon Semenuk

There’s maybe a handful of riders on the planet that can cross the boundaries of progression, insane tricks and consumate style.

While his latest edit is titled ‘simplicity’, the riding it showcases is so far from simple it’s not funny. Straight up tech skills that progress the reality of what’s possible on a bike. Take a casual corked 7 with a dialled can thrown in. Or a mental whip to tuck no hander. Both at height. Both so dialled it’s almost incomprehensible. Getting home-schooled in Whistler has it’s perks obviously….. Watch and get stoked.

“There’s a special greatness in simplicity. And greatness is sometimes best measured in what you don’t see. When there’s something left for your imagination. When you can’t taste every ingredient. When you don’t see the hours of thought, and practice, and trial, and error. When you can do more, but less is more powerful. When you express yourself purely, simply. There’s greatness in simplicity, but it isn’t simple.”

Video // Revel Co.

Photos // Ian Collins, Dan Frew and Rupert Walker