So, why should I buy an e-MTB?

We all know the e-bike market continues to grow and as a result, attracting new riders who are starting their journey through the world of E-MTBs, so Shimano want to help them to level up and become confident riders.

In their E-MTB frequently asked questions (FAQ) series, join Rob Warner (Former Pro rider and World Cup commentator) and Chris Gibbs (H+I Adventures lead guide and SHIMANO trained mechanic) as they answer the five most-asked question on E-MTBs on the internet!

First on the agenda: “Why should I buy an E-MTB?”

As Chris is fairly new to E-MTB’s and Rob is a total convert who is loving his EP8 equipped E-MTB, they discuss the pros and cons of e-mountain biking. What Rob and Chris do agree on is that the power assist of an e-mountain bike enables people to be completely flexible with how and where they ride, and can bring friends together who wouldn’t otherwise enjoy a shared bike ride. Rob had one such ride recently with a large group of mates, which wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for E-MTBs. The group’s fitness and ability levels were vastly different, but the e-mountain bikes allowed them all to ride diverse terrain, ride longer, take on more climbing and more downhill. It makes cycling a richer experience and a lot more fun! With nobody left behind. It ended up being one of the best rides of Rob’s life….