Taming the North Shore // Watch Caleb Holonko shredding!

While Caleb Holonko has made a name for himself in 2022, dropping clips that showcased his ability to go huge, his new edit with Enve is all about the tech!

You’ve probably seen the edit Caleb Holonko released in 2022, where he decided to turn a lily pad drop into… just a drop. Topping it off with a train-gap backflip, the video went big bringing his riding to basically all of the internet. If you haven’t seen it, stop what you’re doing and watch it, it’s wild!

Caleb ain’t just about the biggest gaps, his ability on some of the slickest, nastiest conditions the North Shore has to offer is something special. The locals have a name for the ice-like roots in the winter – Shore Snakes.  You can read a rockin lil’ inteview with Caleb on Enve site about this and more right about here