Sam Hill is on fire for 2017....

The Tasmanian Devil: EWS Round 2 Full edit is here!

You know the results, you’ve seen crazy photos of smoking trout rocks, epic trails and bails and maybe even seen the 1-minute highlights package. Well, finally the EWS crew dropped the full 14 minute edit that truly showcases just how wild the terrain and weather was for the crew who took on Derby for round 2 of the EWS.

Drama galore in one of the most beautiful corners of Australia. Bonus is we don’t have to stand in the rain to watch the worlds best take on Tasmanian soil, rain, the clock and more in what was 7 hours of power for most out there. Settle yourself down and enjoy what will be known as one of the greatest enduro events ever. Read up on results and more in our coverage here.