From world champion to drug smuggler: Missy Giove

I’ve never had many idols in MTB, sure some legends that you know shred and are hopefully good crew, but always figured they were just normal peoples behind the googles and full face. Missy Giove was always an enigma to me, from photos in mags and video parts, to meeting her by default in Cairns at the World Champs back in the 90’s post ejecting her Cannondale into the pits. She did things her way, I think that’s what I dug… VICE’s Red Cards Series goes deep with Missy “The Missile” Giove. Aside being known as one of the first women to break out on the mountain biking scene in the 90s, Giove was known for her high-intensity riding style and outspoken personality. Her pedal to the mettle attitude did not always result in the safest rides, however, and Giove suffered several injuries throughout her career, eventually causing her to put down the bike.

With mounting medical bills and few other options for income after her career drew to a close, Giove sought a new form of adrenaline rush by smuggling millions of dollars worth of marijuana across the country. A massive DEA operation brought Giove head to head with law enforcement in 2009, and she faced up to 40 years in jail. Nearly 10 years later, this mini doco gives some amazing insights into her life of high stakes racing, the fall from grace and the even bigger challenges she faces now. Some inspiring words to live by in this. Much love.