Timmy Eaton joins the Commencal Aus crew!

If you’ve ever been to an enduro or downhill race in the last few years, or been passed at speed on Thredbo’s trails, chances are you’ve seen Timmy Eaton….

Although if it was option three, it was probably his dust… His skills across DH and enduro need no introduction and his ambitions on the EWS stage in the coming seasons are as focussed as ever. So it’s no surprise he’s been picked up by the rapidly growing Commencal Australia crew.

“I’ve always wanted to ride a COMMENCAL bike, their vibes and passion for DH really caught my eye and I felt like we had a pretty similar way to look at things, racing especially. It was awesome coming up to the Sydney showroom to pick up my new bike and go for a ride with the team. It’s a pretty awesome set up here and definitely a cool showroom. The trails are awesome and just around the corner. It’s a great spot to test the bikes as there’s a lot of gnarly terrain, endless rock gardens and drops. Definitely made the bike go through its paces and I loved every minute of it.”