Design & Conquer with UK shredder Matt Jones / Ep1 Attempting 3 World First MTB Tricks

Design and Conquer is Matt Jones first Red Bull TV series. And four episodes see him tear up the MTB-trick rulebook.

In the formative years of freestyle mountain biking, you couldn’t move for world-first tricks. Each competition or edit saw riders pushing the boundaries of the fledgling sport further and further – adding another rotation here, a combo there – and landing tricks that previously were the reserve of video games.
Nowadays, the phenomenon of world-first tricks are fleeting moments. No more is it enough to go down the repetitive route – doubling or tripling a trick – or to throw a barspin just in the nick of time. Never-before-seen tricks require riders to think outside the box, pairing creativity with the determination to see it through to completion, even if that takes months of practice and hundreds of failed attempts.
Design and Conquer shows the hours of dedication, pain and suffering that go into attempting the world’s first gainer and hitching post flip to feet to front flip on a custom-built course on a compound in Devon in south-west England…

I did want to throw in the towel a few times because I just thought ‘when is this actually going to happen?’

Matt Jones