Watch // Was Nathan Rennies Race Run at the 2006 World Champs Sabotaged?

Roll yourself back 16 years… It’s 2006 and the World Champs is in Rotorua.

It’s a cast of legends: Hannah, Kirkaldie, Kovarik, Minaar on a Honda, Steve Peat and more all shredding but Sam Hill was the rider none of them could better. The last rider down the mountain, and fastest qualifier was the one and only, Nathan Rennie who was on a heater to say the least. Mid way through his run, it’s obvious, someone rolled a log out to take him down. Is a conspiracy being covered up? Did that spook him enough to take the edge off his run? Third ain’t so bad, but what could have been?

Ultra Dick Move!

Nathan Rennie

We’d love to find out the whole story, or even some rumours! And we’re sure there’s a conspiracy to stop us knowing that 26inch wheels can actually roll over a heap of stuff. And who was cutting everyone’s bars down?