Photos // Dominic Hook

Where oh where has Baxter Maiwald gone?

Recently a lot of people have asked me questions about why I’m not racing, what have I been up to and what are my plans?

Well, the answer is simple: I’ve not stopped racing, I’ve just changed my focus and now I’m for smiles rather than podiums!

My main goal is to do the most smiles per hour down tracks that I enjoy racing. Alongside this, I’ve always enjoyed taking photos and working on videos so I’m getting into that a bit more this year. I have a few cools things lined up that I’m really excited about! I’ll be at fun events like Crankworx and Cannonball festival, as well as a few races like national champs and Mt Baw Baw too.  I’ve been really enjoying riding bikes and when I say that I mean all kinds of bikes, a heap more moto, a heap more BMX and just having fun being a two wheel activity enthusiast. This doesn’t touch on the “why” I have taken a step back from racing, but that answer is more simple. I wasn’t enjoying it. I have enjoyed racing and it’s taken me to some amazing places but for me to get to that ‘next level’, it was a tough decision between sacrifice and reward.

“If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, do something different”

For me personally the reward didn’t outweigh the sacrifice. I felt that I had completed my goals within racing to a standard I was content with and once I realised that, along with the fact I wasn’t having fun anymore, all I did was change something. I’ve always had instilled into me that “if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, do something different”, so I’ve taken that on board for this year. I’ve changed up a few of the companies I’m working with in 2019 and beyond and I’m super pumped that I’ve teamed up with another Aussie company through the Legends over at Unit, who will be handling all my riding kits and casual gear for 2019 and Beyond. A couple of my favourites have come back on board including Fist hand garments and Krush Australia who will be keeping my bikes looking fresh. I’ll be riding for Canyon Australia again this year and I’m working on a couple of things TBA that I’m excited to share with the MTB community soon!

To summarise…

I’ve not quit and I don’t think I ever will, but I don’t see the point in devoting time, money and effort into something that I’m not enjoying, when I could cut it back to the basics and enjoy myself more.


Photos // Dominic Hook