110 Foot MTB Backflip World Record… And Crash

Cam Zink needs no introduction. NBD’s above and beyond over so many years and over ever gnarlier gaps and drops.

So when you hear that he’s going to go for a 150 foot backie to nail the world record, you sit up and take note, especially when you read 110 foot crash….. So many insights from him on what it takes to go big, and all the things that plot against you once over a certain speed… We’ll leave the rest to Cam.

“I was reluctant to show the footage from last year flipping 110 feet for a cell phone video because it was all just progress toward 150 feet. It wasn’t the goal and I really didn’t want anyone to see it until I flipped 150 feet… After my crash last week I decided to put it in here since we are showing everything along the way. After my 100 foot flip in Mammoth, a lot of people said I made it look too easy. Well, that’s the goal. When it goes well it kind of is easy. Things go right and it works, but you can’t see all the weeks leading up to it and all the work we put in to make it look that easy. The few people I showed the 110 foot flip that I landed said I made it look easy, too… Well, it isn’t. The air time on it is around 2.4 second… For example, the 90 foot dirt doubles at LooseFest were around 1.9 seconds. Nearly 30% more. I’m learning real quick how much bigger 150 feet will be than 100. I’m super fortunate to have walked away from it with a very minor concussion and a separated AC in my shoulder. But my actual shoulder joint, and what I had surgery on last November is solid still! And the AC is a minor injury that heals pretty quickly. I’ll be back and we’ll keep chipping away!”