Barkbusters launch MTB specific guards!

The Aussie brand behind the world famous motocross hand protection system have created a version specifically for MTB.

Mounting directly to the handlebars the system works as a shield which effectively deflect objects (trees, shrubs, rocks, etc) which would otherwise impact your hands or brake levers. You might have noticed that several pro racers, such as Sam Hill, have been using similar systems for a while now. The Barkbusters MTB handguards are made right here in Australia to incredibly high standards and they’re available in a heap of different colours to match your bike or style. They’re also really affordable, retailing for just $79.95 from Pushys online ( For even more coverage you can pick up a set of deflectors which increase the height of each guard and cost less and $25. All up you’re talking about a seriously affordable upgrade!

A few weeks ago the gang at Barkbusters sent us a set to try out and honestly, these things are impressive! Installing them on the bike is literally a 2 minute job and they’ll fit any bike. The guards are really light weight (surprisingly so actually!) yet they are still super tough and offer loads of protection to your hands and bike. Considering you can pick a set up for well under $100 they’ve got us wondering why we wouldn’t grab a set for each of the bikes we ride? This is a product that we definitely think you should check out for yourself.

Key Features

  • Perfect protection for your knuckles in narrow trails & harsh environments
  • Protection for controls and cables
  • Low profile minimalist design with aerodynamic venting
  • WIDE range of colour combinations for both Guards AND Deflectors
  • Fully customisable colour designs with 600+ colour options
  • Single point mount (open-ended) hand & lever guard
  • Universal Fit & Easy Installation
  • Adjustable fit with multiple side positions
  • Upper + Lower Deflector options available to unlock the complete protective coverage and function
  • Mounting bracket manufactured from durable, lightweight, high strength nylon and aluminium.
  • PRICE // MTB Handguard RRP: $79.95
  • Extras // MTB Deflector & Plug set RRP $24.95

For more info check out the Barkbusters website: