Darkfest 2018: the greatest line of all time!

A little place known as Hellsend Compound deep in South Africa is the location from what now looks to be the biggest jump line in the world.

Bringing together both the vision and riders, Darkfest has become somewhat of an enigma, and 2018 proved no different. This year, all who came, rode, watched or otherwise dubbed the set up /the greatest line of all time’. Sit yourself down, turn it up and get ready to absorb what can only be described as epic. MTB just got f’n cool…. As for who did what, if it matters beyond simply making it through those thousands of tonnes of sculpted dirt beauty, then the results are as follows:

Best Whip // Sam Reynolds

Best Style // Nico Vink

Best Line (and save?) // Adolf Silva

Best Trick // Nicholi Rogatkin