A Downhill Rhythm trail? Oh yes…

Forget about ‘flow’ on trails, it was and always will be about rhythm down a hill. Pump transitions, float through the air, nail the landings, rail the berms, squirt that little bit extra out of em, repeat… So when you take that modus operandi to a big mountain resort, get ready for some goodness.

“This course is something that I’ve always wanted to ride or build,”

says Rhythm course creator Bas van Steenburgen,

“Having these super technical rhythm sections, big jumps and sick turns all in one trail was a dream come true for me.”

Brett Reeder, Carson Storch, Ryan “R-Dogg” Howard, Mitch Ropelato, Thomas Vanderham and Tom van Steenburgen  all shred the hell out of Big White’s latest dirt creation that will be rideable by all this season. We’ll see you there!