Drugs and doping in MTB? Here’s Cedric Gracia’s $0.02 worth

Drugs in any competitive sport in 2017 is almost a given. With big dollars on the line from sponsors, events and media, athletes (well riders) have more pressure than ever to win. Cycling may have deeper roots with doping than any other, especially once the lycra is donned. The prestigious TDF’s history is chequered with cheating from drugs to catching trains and lately even pedal assist motors. So is MTB infested with drug cheats or are we clean? That question extends to the non-UCI sanctioned EWS events which miss the apparent scrutiny the UCI ‘enforces’. Cedric Gracia waxes philosophical about his experiences and thoughts on it as veteran of the sport. A worthy watch, as while we consider MTB above and beyond such shite, it’s without a doubt in the mix. And we aren’t just talking pot, which when you think about is pretty nuts that it’s a controlled substance that is performance enhancing, but cocaine according to CG is the one! He gets onto motors and all sorts, an insight from a dude that has been and done the world racing scene…. Whatever the case, have a listen and let us know your thoughts or experiences?