Full Travel: GT’s Suspension Development Story

When it comes to history in MTB, GT have one of the most illustrious. Their bikes defined what we ride today, and their head first approach to rear suspension changed the way we rode forever.

From the early RTS design through to the ground breaking LTS that completely reshaped what was possible on a MTB, GT’s endless R&D plus intense focus on racing built what legends are made of. And that story can now be told.

Over two years in the making, “Full Travel: GT’s Suspension Development Story” is coming to the little screen. Filmmakers Todd Huffman and Don Hoffman of Pipeline Digital Media will release their film about the history of GT Bicycles’ suspension development. The film will be available for viewing on the GT Bicycles Facebook page. Check out the trailer here.

Employed by GT throughout the 1990s, Huffman and Hoffman are very familiar with the story. Now, they are bringing their unique and well-known storytelling skills from their work in the motorcycle industry to the bicycle industry for the first time. Without being too technical, the film lets the cast tell their stories of the development, successes, and failures surrounding 30 years of GT Bicycles suspension history.

With a cast of MTB’s most famous, it’s a must watgch. Insights from the likes of Gary Turner, Mike King, Hans Rey, Brian Lopes, Juli Furtado, Martin Maes, Jim Busby, Eric Carter, Mercedes Gonzalez, Zap Espinoza, Jimmy Knight and more.

The film will be released complete for a one, 24 hour worldwide premiere on the GT Bicycles Facebook page. It will then be taken down to be re-released as a mini-series in five, nine to twelve minute parts over a period of 5 weeks. Following the series finale, the complete release will again be available online on Facebook and Youtube.

“GT has always been known for its pioneering product development and the proven results for competition and the consumer, especially in the category of full-suspension mountain bikes, but to see it all in one story with the personalities and nostalgic filmmaking style Todd and Don have put together is really incredible. Right now, the timing couldn’t be better to offer some entertaining content for the sport’s history buffs, fans of the brand and for a younger audience to showcase just how far the sport has progressed.”

– Mike Marro, GT Senior Brand Manager + Executive Producer