GT have a brand new Force Carbon for 2022

Those with a keen eye might have spotted Factory GT’s Martin Maes riding a mysterious ‘all white’ bike recently? Well, today the cat has been let out of the bag as GT unveil their all-new enduro juggernaut, the ‘Force Carbon’.

Completely updated from the previous model, the bike now features a high-pivot and idler pulley package, and the 27.5” wheels have been replaced with 29” front and rear. 170mm of travel up front is complimented with 160mm in the rear which is delivered via a 4-bar LTS linkage design.

The bike’s geometry has also been totally revised, now featuring much more standover height, a slacker head angle and a steeper seat tube. GT offers the Force Carbon in four sizes, from small through extra large, with reaches ranging from 430 through 515 mm.

Perhaps the new feature that intrigues us most is that the rear end showcases a ‘flip chip’ which doesn’t change the bike’s geometry as you’d expect, rather it allows the rider to adjust the bike’s chainstays from 435mm to 445mm. That’s a nice customising touch, very cool indeed!

Another cool feature is the addition of moulded rubber guards on the seatstay and chainstay and the bike also has some of the neatest internal cable routing we’ve seen in a long time.

The 2022 GT Force Carbon range consists of 3 models/spec levels with complete pricing starting at a very attractive $5,399.95. Is it fair to say GT look to be on a winner with this bike? Yep.