GT’s Suspension Development Story // Full Travel Ep. 4

Year after year, GT has showcased the symbiotic relationship elite riders have with bike research and development.

Yes, designers and engineers are paramount, but without the best of the best riding the wheels off the bikes, development can go awry. Episode 4 of GT”s suspension development history comes to the here and now. New faces with old connections, IT-1, AOS, and GT’s Evolution…

Martin Maes first signed on to ride for GT in 2013 after watching his father race for GT alongside legends such as Nico Voullioz, Eric Carter, and Steve Peat. His input along with other long-time athletes like Hans Rey and GT Factory Team Manager Mark Maurissen help bring products across the finish line ensuring they are race and adventure ready. As full suspension bikes evolve, one thing remains the same, utilising rider feedback to develop the best possible full suspension mountain bikes.

“When you push yourself and your bike together it’s the best feeling ever to cross the finish line.”

Martin Maes