In The Blink: Episode 1: Vanderham x Howard

Our favourite Canadian filmmakers, Anthill films recently dropped a trailer for their new feature Return to Earth scheduled for later this year. In the meantime, they’ve decided we shouldn’t be left waiting and have released part one of a six part series that is an epic insight to what the final production holds for us.

Episode 1, “Fall Colors,” follows Anthill to Bromont, Quebec in search of Eastern Canada’s most vibrant fall forest landscape, a far cry from our dusty, dry landscapes!

“The fall transition speaks to one of Return to Earth’s underlying messages; every moment in time represents an opportunity, one that we should take full advantage of. Mountain bikers (especially those in colder climates) feel this urgency every autumn before the winter properly sets in. The filming process itself was constrained by Nature’s countdown clock; with winter snow on their heels in Bromont, the team had to capture all the footage for the Fall Colours segment in a time-limited window.”

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Return to Earth, it’s below. Enjoy!