Intense 2020 Highlights

When Intense made the switch to consumer direct sales mid last year their ultra lust worthy bikes came more attainable than ever. Here’s a look at some of favourite models that are headlining their 2020 line-up.


What a beast! The Primer is the Southern Californian brand’s flagship trail bike. It comes packing a 140mm of travel in the rear, 150mm front travel and not one, not two, but three different wheel size options! And nope, 26 inch isn’t one of those options. Intense has jumped headfirst into the new “mullet” trend offering a 27.5 rear/29inch front wheel option (primer S) alongside the standard 29 inch and 27-inch versions. Each version of the Primer has different, tire combinations, shock tunes, and fork offsets. So much care was taken to ensure that each bike is taking advantage of the tyre combination.

The Primer 275 has its own unique frame while the Primer 29 and Primer S share the same frame. While the standard builds have a 2.3RR/2.5FR tyre widths, the “S” has a 2.8 on the rear to provide extra traction. The 29 is for those that want to go fast easily, the 27.5 is for those looking to “pop” or have fun, while the “s” is for those looking for a different ride altogether. Available in 4 different build kits ranging from $5,499 to $13,999, there are plenty of options to get a rig that will do everything well.


Looking for a rig that you want to send sideways off some bike jumps, or do your best Zink impression of bigger hits? The Tracer is your weapon of choice!!

With 27.5 inch wheels and 165mm of rear travel, this bike is ready to send it. With a 65.5-degree head angle and a burly build, this bike is ready to hit stuff hard while remaining agile. Starting at $5,899, this mini DH bike is impressive for the money.


Want a purebred race machine ready to take out the local Enduro race series one weekend and an EWS the next weekend? The Carbine is long low and slack with 29-inch wheels that want to go fast. The JS tuned Enduro link gives an optimised leverage curve and axle path to skip over the terrain while providing fantastic traction.

While not as adventurous as other brands, the Carbine will provide a balanced ride with there race-proven geometry. The pro builds at $8,499 in the Blue Red and White is sure to turn heads at the local trailhead for sure!!


We dare you to find a sexier bike than the M29!! The lines on this bike somehow manage to be rigid yet retain a fluid silhouette. If you don’t like the looks, well the good thing is you will only get a slight glimpse as this thoroughbred rockets past you. With riders like Jack Moir and Aaron Gwinn being at the forefront of development, you know this thing is going to be refined yet incredibly fast. Only one build is needed for this bike as it deserves nothing but the best. If you do want to make it your own, however, a frame option is available for you to make this ride your own.


In 2020 it is almost impossible to find a bike company without an e-Bike in the lineup and we think Intense absolutely nailed it when the name Tazer. Built from Intense’s rich heritage of innovation, Jeff Steber knew he wanted to do something unique with the Tazer. He wanted to make a bike that was less cumbersome than the other E-Bikes that he had tested and at a smidge over 21kg its definitely one of the lighter E-Bikes out there. The 29-inch front wheel provides speed and stability, while the 27.5 rear provide agility.

450mm chainstays, a 450mm reach(medium), and 45.9-degree head angle will lead to a sense of stability as the Tazer heads through the rough stuff. To keep the bike light and have a frame that provided the ride characteristics, Jeff wanted there was no other choice than carbon. With Shimano’s reliable E8000 and a whole host of components from fox and DT Swiss.