Notion // Baxter Maiwald upping the anté!

There’s not many of us with the vision, skills and determination  to build the freeride line of your dreams. Let alone ride it! Baxter Maiwald brings it all together in his latest project; Notion.

Follow CLLCTV rider Baxter Maiwald along the way and see what he was able to build within 15 days, constructed mainly by himself. The aim of the project was to build the biggest jumps he could and push the limits of his riding and building to the next level.

The Idea of doing a “build & ride” video like this has been a dream of mine for many years. With my passion for digital art as well it was cool to incorporate some hand-drawn graphics and titles into the video too. The music is by a local Tasmanian Artist, which kept everything as close to home as possible.”

Baxter Maiwald

Shot in Hobart, Tasmania and built by Baxter Maiwald with help from property owner Rowan and some friends.

Filmed and edited: Jarryd English Stills: Stu Gibson

We’ll have some insights into Baxters dream build very soon…